About the band

RASTABAN is a Tribal Folk project, a unique mix of traditional folk melodies, tribal vibes and world music elements.

Photographer: Le Poulpe

Their musical inspiration comes from Celtic and Nordic trads, French medieval tunes, melodies from the Balkan lands, Oriental music, as well as trance and tribal rhythms from many primordial cultures around the world, combined with the energy inherited from their previous rock or even metal projects.

Photographer: Kees Stravers

RASTABAN invites you to dance, to share emotions and to create a place in your every day routine to celebrate Life through the sound of their moving and energetic music.

Band members

Marine Libert - vocals
Dominic Marchal - guitar
Luka Aubri - slideridoo, vocals
Arno Polet - violin
Thomas Biesmeijer - Irish bouzouki
Mich Rozek - drums & percussion


Arise (2015)

"High energy, tribal folk, dancing and older, traditional songs brought into the new age are all things that Rastaban are fantastic at, and Arise shows that they are just getting better and better." - medium.com

Aurora (2013)

"It's very clear that Rastaban is here to stay and with this cd they just confirm their quality in the studio and with the live tracks as well [...] Aurora is a festive Tribal Folk album with all the ingredients to start a party and keep it going. " - peek-a-boo.be

Arise (2015)

Full-length album

Released July 31, 2015


Marine Libert: vocals.
Stéphan Késenne: fiddle, bouzouki, vocals, harp.
Dominic Marchal: guitar.
Luka Aubri: didgeridoo, vocals.
Mich Rozek: drums, cajon.

Special guests:

Spyros Giasafakis (Daemonia Nymphe): pandura (on Rusalka)
Mathieu Lacrosse (La Horde, YEW): mandoline (on Moja Duša)
Arno Polet (La Horde, Last Men Alive): viola (on Moja Duša)
Evi Stergiou (Daemonia Nymphe): additional vocals (on Rusalka)
Fieke van den Hurk (Cesair): hurdy gurdy (on Arise)
Sophie Zaaijer (Cesair, Shireen): violin, cello (on Moja Duša)

Recorded and produced by Stéphan Késenne at "Légendes du Temps" studio, Durnal (B), January-May 2015.
Contributions of Fieke and Sophie recorded by Fieke at Orchus Studio (NL)
Contributions of Evi and Spyros recorded at Daemonia Nymphe's home studio, London (UK).

Graphic design by Arno Polet.
Cover picture: “The Show goes on” – © Brooke Shaden
Back side picture of the digipack: “The Flock” – © Brooke Shaden
Model for both pictures: Brooke Shaden

Would you like to purchase a copy? Please visit our webshop or send an e-mail to: rastabanmusic@gmail.com

Aurora (2013)

Full-length debut

Released July 1, 2013

Would you like to purchase a copy? Please send an e-mail to: rastabanmusic@gmail.com

Past concerts

Date Location City
24/11/2018Vindsval Pagan FestArlons (BE)
20/10/2018Les CeltivalesPierrefontaine-Les-Varans (F)
14/09/2018Ombres et LumièresVillers-la-Ville (BE)
11/08/2018Fête des Vieux GréementsPaimpol (F)
10/03/2018Gothic & Fantasy BeursRijswijk (NL)
25/11/2017Castlefest Winter EditionLisse (NL)
04, 05 & 06/08/2017CastlefestLisse (NL)
22/07/2017Festival Le Rêve de l’AborigèneAirvault (F)
15/04/2017Trolls & LégendesMons (B)
01/04/2017Le GlazartParis (F)
17/03/2017Le BelvédèreNamur (B)
29/12/2016MPS WeihnachtsmarktDortmund (D)
17/12/2016Castlefest Winter EditionLisse (NL)
03/12/2016P60Amstelveen (NL)
10/05/2016Ferme du BiéreauLouvain-la- Neuve (B)
06/02/2016Le BelvédèreNamur (B)
21/11/2015Espace DuesbergVerviers (B)
24/10/2015Avalon Faery BallGlastonbury (UK)
31/07, 01 & 02/08/2015CastlefestLisse (NL)
06/06/2015Celt-N- Folk XAlmere (NL)
30/05/2015Festival de la CitoyennetéVerviers (B)
05/04/2015Trolls & LégendesMons (B)
09/01/2015Centre CulturelVerviers (B)
18/10/2014Gothic & Fantasy BeursRijswijk (NL)
20/09/2014Fêtes de WallonieNamur (B)
01, 02 & 03/08/2014CastlefestLisse (NL)
21/06/2014Fête de la MusiqueJemeppe-sur-Sambre (B)
15/02/2014QbusLeiden (NL)
02/11/2013Le MagickJambes (B)
31/08/2013Celtic NightGeluwe (B)
02 & 03/08/2013CastlefestLisse (NL)
21/07/2013ArtifoireHollain (B)
30/03/2013Trolls & LégendesMons (B)
17/03/2013Gothic & Fantasy BeursRijswijk (NL)
08/12/2012Midwinter Fair ArcheonAlphen aan den Rijn (NL)
23/11/2012QbusLeiden (NL)
03, 04 & 05/08/2012CastlefestLisse (NL)


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